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4 Apr 2011
Better Keyboard
Uploaded old better keyboard skins


4 Apr 2011
New Tutorials!
New Theme Tutorial
New Icon Pack Tutorial
New Clock Pack Tutorial


4 Apr 2011
Crazy Home v2.15
Checkout the new update!

Version 2.16

Fixed issue where some theme clocks weren't showing up

Version 2.15

Updated theme and icon support for more 3rd party icons
Updated support for new templates in the new tutorials
Revamped Crazy Clock setup to allow mix and matching of dials and clock hands
Slight optimization to Icon Configurator that should help with crashes some users were seeing
Added Crazy Setting to delay loading all 3 desktops at the same time when returning to Crazy Home


Desktops & Screens:
- Up to 3 separate desktops each with up to 5 screens
- Easily scroll through your desktops by swiping up and down
- Dynamically add/remove screens or desktops, no restarting needed

Themes & Icons
- Each desktop can be set with its own unique theme, so you can have 3 themes set at once!
- Supports the majority of the themes in the market (Crazy Home, ADW, aHome, 3rd party OpenHome)
- Full icon customization with the Icon Configurator tool that allows skinning of any or all icons in your app drawer
- Mix and match your themes with the Theme Wallpaper chooser and appying icon sets from any theme

Hide apps from your app drawer
Change app titles
Change icon text color
Change icon text font*
Hide/Unhide the notification bar at the top of your phone
Scrollable widget support*
Widget resizing*
Analog Crazy Clocks - with Clock Packs
Customizable app dock
Backup/Restore settings
Screen previews
Supports live wallpapers


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